Aqueous Automatic Wash – Frontloader

Lavagem Automática Aquoso

Automatic Wash – Frontloader

Frontloader L

  • Designed for large and heavy parts, the series of frontloaders with a mobile nozzle system, full flow filter and programmable control guarantees complete cleaning results with the highest standards of safety and efficiency
  • In single-chamber washing systems, workpieces remain in the washing basket while the rotating nozzle tube system is powered by an engine
  • To minimize heating costs and consequently energy costs, FL-L frontloaders have complete thermal insulation of tanks and treatment chamber. A full-flow filter efficiently filters the circulating medium through a stainless steel filter box with stainless steel wire mesh.
  • In addition, the systems are equipped with powerful stainless steel pumps and a programmable control system. Protection against low product level (dry run protection) protects pumps and heating
  • Parts are washed using a motorized nozzle system that moves along the basket
  • Error status display and programmable control allow safe and efficient work

Frontlader 2-TANK

  • The two tank systems of the FL 2-Tank frontloader are based on standard frontloaders. Although the equipment and structure correspond essentially to a one tank system, a second process (rinse) was integrated into the system. The washing and rinsing processes can be programmed by controlling the system
  • The washing and rinsing process is carried out by a high pressure jet. For this purpose, two separate stainless steel nozzle tube systems are powered by two associated, heated and insulated medium tanks
  • The parts rest in the washing basket around which the rotating motorized nozzle system is moved
  • FL 2-tank systems are suitable for operation with alkaline-aqueous cleaning agents with a pH value of 7–12
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