Multifunction Automatic Wash and Special Customized Systems

Lavagem Automática Multifunções e Sistemas Especiais Personalizados

Multifunction and Continuous Washing

MP-Cleaner Compact

  • Multitasking: the smart way
  • The MP-Cleaner Compact equipment combines several effective cleaning processes in a stainless steel system. An integrated PLC control allows fully automatic operation, in which cleaning processes in the closed working chamber can be configured individually
  • MP-Cleaners are designed as 2-tank systems and can be expanded to up to 7 medium tanks
    • Pressure jet
    • Chamber flooding
    • Ultrasound
    • Hot air drying
    • Vacuum drying
    • Various basket movements are also freely programmable
    • Fine cleaning and cleaning of small parts (for example, parts in series)
    • Can be used in maintenance and repair operations, e.g. in the automotive industry
    • Ideal for parts with blind holes or excavation geometries due to optional part rotation

Special Customized Systems

  • The cleaning of several identical or similar parts can be optimally organized using a continuous cleaning system.
  • Continuous systems allow for multiple processes with continuous parts transportation that can be custom-made for each customer
  • All cleaning processes can be implemented in a continuous feeding system. The systems can cover all application scenarios, from washing and rinsing to preservation, blowing and drying
  • Continuous cleaning systems are built with a coated stainless steel frame and can be integrated into your production processes. Tanks and units are housed on the lower level of the system. Treatment chambers and optional additional units are located above that. The system is controlled using a programmable SIEMENS S-7 controller
  • Continuous cleaning systems are used where identical or similar parts with a simple surface geometry are transported continuously in large numbers

Continuous Ultrasonic Hook Washing Systems
(food area)

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