Pressure jet washing

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High pressure washing

Power Box

  • Pressure cleaning equipment in a protected area
  • The most versatile and suitable solution for quick and effective cleaning of parts of not very large dimensions and complex structure
  • Heated water-based product
  • comfortably operated by foot pedal
  • Removes even the most encrusted dirt through its pressure gun up to 48bar
  • Equipment designed from the ground up with excellent ergonomics and with the possibility of adjusting the height of the door to the ideal height of each operator, in order to place the arms in the correct position
  • Environment illuminated by LED for perfect cleaning
  • Fully built in stainless steel
  • Electric pump and fluid circuit protected by filters
  • Electrical resistance
  • Security cut button
  • Safety lock
  • Temperature regulator
  • Automatic cleaning of the panoramic window


  • Possibility to customize with compressed air nozzle and hollow brush to complement manual washing
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